females/ Males Ca de Bou / Miniatuur Bullterrier


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GORZALA WILHELMINA DER NEDERLANDER                                                                                                                           A happy and playful dog.


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Oldpride Fame HD-A ED-Free

Is a ca de bou female with a lot of drive who would like to work for you. Atletic build with lots of muscles. But also a great family dog.A female with a full pedigree that goes back to the beginning.







Orgullo HD-A ED Free (Ator de Rompe Huesos & Oldpride Destiny)

A ca de bou female that we have imported from Spain. DSC01359DSC09199

A great dog very sweet and careful for the family. Also a good watchdog , and go well with other dogs .

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                           Oldpride Indra HD-A  ED-Free (Orgullo & Amador)

A  Female ca de bou with a good character and the will to work.Very friendly to visitors and guests. But she knows very well when to watch over the house. This dog goes well with other dogs






Telma del Reino de Sidón HD-C  ED Free

A beautiful female ca de bou with a nice character. This is a real family dog.
This dog goes well with other dogs














Oldpride Castell HD-A  ED Free  (Anna & Kindred Spirits Billy Badass)

An impressive solid male,from the old lines. A real family dog. Also a good watchdog.









Amador HD-A ED Free ( Vianca & Atos Bianca Marco )

Dutch champion and Amsterdam youth winner 2010
A real family dog who think it’s great to play with the kids and would like to get his attention







Oldpride Baltus HD-A ED Free  (Alanza & Troya de Rompe Huesos)

A very loyal dog who is always nearby. A powerful and athletic build with drive. A dog that like to walk beside the bike and swim

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Oldpride Ghost HD-A ED Free (Gaia de Can Bourbon & Oldpride Castell)

A friendly and playfull ca de bou , great with children. Very open and friendly to guests and visitors.
But no one comes inside the house uninvited. This dog goes well with other dogs .